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General malfunction and correct Wrecker treatment method

General malfunction and correct treatment wreck method

1 The telescopic speed of the wreck of the boom is slow and low

        Reason: power Hydraulic Power system fault ② telescopic mechanism control valve, overflow valve fault

        Exclusion method: inspection, adjustment ② disintegration, cleaning, adjustment or replacement of damaged components

2 telescopic vibrations of the lifting arm a tow truck

        Reason: problem Arrow slider problem ② Non-normal telescopic cylinder

        Exclusion Method: The sliding surface of the jib box and the slide between lubrication are not enough to apply grease, the deformation of the surface of the slider is too great, must replace the slider, damage to the surface of the lift arm, must be repaired surface ② inspection treatment.

3 the lifting arm of each section of the convenience store can not be compensated

        Reason: fault solenoid valve fault Fault circuit fault

        Elimination Method: Clean the oil filter, replace the electromagnet ② check the external line fault

4 Automatic return of the Wrecker lift arm

       Reason: cylinder telescopic cylinder fault fault fault balance valve

        Elimination method: check, adjust the telescopic cylinder, replace the damaged components ② check, adjust the balancing valve, replace the damaged components

5 The convenience store lifting mechanism does not move or move slowly .

        Reason: Valve Car Control Valve fault ② hydraulic motor fault ③ fault balancing valve failure lifting brake failure

        Exclusion method: Check treatment ② Spring replacement setting     

6 discontinuity of the movement of the wreck during lifting mechanism

       Cause: fault Failure of the check valve

       Elimination Method: cleaning, replacement

7 the load loses control when the convenience store is hanging

       Cause: Val Balance Valve failure

       Exclusion method: ① Disassembly cleaning

8 brakes of the lifting mechanism of the wreck are not open

       Reason: ① Bypass Valve ② Internal Ventilation of Bypass Valve Seal BAD Brake Piston Seal

       Exclusion method: Revision Shuttle Valve ② Shuttle Valve Service ③ Revision Brake, Replace Gasket

9 rise above the limit, the winding the bell does not ring

       Cause: ① Damage related to ringing ② Damage to coil relay

       Exclusion Method: revision

Ten wreck wreck automatic lofing cylinder

       Reason: ① cylinder itself fault fault fault balance valve

      Exclusion Method: Inspection treatment ② Disassemble cleaning, replace damaged components

a variable vibration amplitude tow truck cylinder

      Reason: cylinder The oil cylinder has air ② incorrect adjustment of the balancing valve or damage to the valve core, butterfly lock

      Exclusion Method: Multiple amplitude vacuum movements, separate oil exhaust, cleaning and inspection, replacement of damaged components

a failure to retract the leg of the wreck

      Cause: hydraulic Hydraulic bidirectional lock fault

      Elimination Method: check, repair 2-Way Hydraulic Lock

- automatic retraction of the legs lifting weight

       Reason: hydraulic Hydraulic bidirectional lock in one direction ② bad sealing of the valve ③ internal leakage of the oil cylinder

       Exclusion method: reshaping the two-way hydraulic locking check valve ② element on the piston of the cylinder

- no movement or slow movement while pulling up

       Cause: hydraulic pump pump damage ② overflow valve failure Damaged joint ④ Damaged manual control valve

       Exclusion Method: check the repair

the temperature of the oil has risen

        Cause: Pump hydraulic pump damage or malfunction ② pollution by hydraulic oil or insufficient oil content

       Exclusion method: replacement or repair must be replaced or completed with hydraulic oil

- the convenience store's hydraulic pump is not running

        Cause: failure of or its operating gas path

        Exclusion Method: check, repair or exchange electrical and road systems

- high pressure rear circuit

        Cause: plug oil filter plug

        Elimination method: should be replaced filter

hydraulic oil leaking

         Cause: Dam Joint damage ② Faulty pipe connection Damage Damage to the pipe

        Exclusion Method: Replace the gasket ② tighten or replace the connector ③ replace the tube

+ bad power of the swivel joint

        Cause: ① Brush and slip ring between the contact seals the wire connections Weld open

        Exclusion method: repair, repair the wire

- High noise in the oil circuit

        Cause: There is air ② oil the temperature in the pipe is too low ③ the pipework and components at the end of the fixing is good ④ balance valve failure ⑤ oil filter plug ⑥ lack of fluid in the tank

        Exclusion Method: multiple actions, oil and gasoline ② pump oil running at low speed heating or oil change ③ fastening, pay special attention oil pump and suction tubing can not leak ④ adjust or replace ⑤ cleaning or replacement filter