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DC to introduce Chinese New Super-Man PK Chinese Super Truck

  • Author:Shirley Li
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-26

DC to introduce Chinese New Super-Man PK 
Chinese Super Truck


Meet DC Comics' first-ever Chinese superhero --17-year-old Kenan Kong, a teenager from Shanghai who inherits the powers of Superman.

DC Comics, known for its numerous superheroes including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, announced a new edition to the Superman lineup at WonderCon. New Super-Man, written by Chinese-American Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by artist Victor Bogdanovic, will feature a Chinese character for the first time.

"Everybody in the world recognizes Superman," said Yang during an interview. "The reason he transcends culture is that he embodies these ideals that are international, that are cross-cultural. We wanted to tell a story that was about the Superman ideal but tell it in a different culture. Regardless of where you grow up, you know what he stands for."

Details on how the 17-year-old Kong will attain his Superman-like abilities and impact the DC universe of superheroes were not released, but the comic-book publisher did say the process of inheriting powers (and the mantle) will be a struggle.

After the introduction of Chinese new super man,here I would like to share our Chinese Super Truck manufactured by our Chengli Ocean Auto Company with you.

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