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Greece: Refugees rush food truck as desperation strikes at Idomeni camp

  • Author:Tiffany sheng
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-05

Recently have one news about Greece Migrant crisis , guess lots of people know that . 

Scores of refugees living at Greece's Idomeni makeshift border camp surrounded a food truck filled with bags of food and clothes on 16 March and climbed into the back, emptying the truck of its load. Men, women and children stuck at the closed border crossing pushed and shoved to get near the truck as people inside threw bags of essential supplies, including baby powder, milk, biscuits and toilet paper into the crowd.

More than 10,000 people, including thousands of children, are stranded in the tent city on the Greek border with Macedonia. They are unable to continue their journey because Macedonia and other countries along the so-called Balkan route have shut their borders to the migrants.

The food and drinking water provided by aid agencies and volunteers at

the camp are not enough, forcing migrants, who have been sleeping rough for days in a waterlogged field, to queue for hours for a sandwich or a cup of soup. Abid, a man from Damascus, tried to reach the truck but failed. He said the situation was making people behave like animals.

Over 43,000 migrants and refugees are bottled up in squalid conditions in Greece after Macedonia closed its border.

When we saw this news, our Hubei Chengli Ocean Auto Sale Co.,Ltd has been notified, willing to do a little love, as long as the Greek order that the transportation immigration food truck , we will zero profit production and export .

At the same time , we appeal to people all over the world, if everyone can give a little bit of love, each of us one day less to eat a bag of snacks, perhaps their food a day, maybe able to save a person's life, let us to give a little love .