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How to Choose a Refrigerated Truck for Your Needs

  • Author:Silvia Lee
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-19

How to Choose a Refrigerated Truck for Your Needs

Refrigerated truck is an enclosed Van truck used to be transported frozen or fresh goods,it is  with a refrigerating unit of refrigeration device and polyurethane insulating compartment ,  commonly used in frozen food transport (refrigerated truck), dairy (milk transport truck), fruits and vegetables (live cargo transport vehicles), vaccine and drug (vaccine transportation vehicles).


So how to Choose a Refrigerated Truck for Your Needs? 

The first is concerning the chassis:like the tonnage of cargo, road conditions, considering the structure of the chassis and carrying capacity, oil saving, emission standards, etc.

Compared with ordinary truck chassis, refrigerated vehicles also need to focus on to consider the stability of the chassis, refrigerated cargo transport vehicle are generally items cannot be stored for a long time, even if there is a refrigeration equipment, still need to quickly reach the destination. At the same time, the requirements of refrigerated cargo transportation environment is higher, if there is a failure on the road, resulting in deterioration of the goods, the loss will be very large. 

The second is the choice of the body van:

Refrigerator vihicle carriage body is different from ordinary van, it requires good sealing performance and heat insulation heat preservation effect, so as to guarantee reefer cargo in a stable temperature environment.


Refrigerated vihicle carriage body design is mainly focused on air tight performance and thermal insulation performance, usually with three layers of structure, internal and external use of composite materials, such as glass, color steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. Inner plate material based on the transported product kind, the most expensive material plate should be stainless steel plate. The intermediate layer is used the thermal insulation material, which is mainly made of polyurethane foam material. The four side is bonded with the polyurethane foam by high strength adhesive to form a closed plate.

In addition to the material ,the thickness of the cargo van also determines the thermal insulation good or bad effect , the cargo van insulation layer is thicker, the insulation effect is better, but  the cargo van inside space will be reduced, meanwhile the cargo loading capacity will be reduced, the user could choose the appropriate thickness according to their actual needs .

The third is the choice of refrigeration unit:

Refrigeration unit is the most important one in the three components of refrigerated truck. Because the cargo van space is small, the technical requirement is high in temperature control.

Market share high import brands are like the USA Carrier and USA Thermo King, Japan Mitsubishi, Denso, and Korea HuaSpeed, Hanxue, Ice Source, China brands are also well done like the Ji'nan CIMC kogel, Henan bingxiongand Henan Xinfei etc. 

We usually say good goods are not cheap, the imported refrigeration machine price is very expensive, like a new set of imported refrigerator that semi trailer, the cheapest price is hundred more thousands. In contrast, domestic brands price advantage is very obvious, for consumers concerned about the price, the domestic brand is also a good choice.

Considering the power source of the refrigeration unit it can be divided into independent and non independent unit, independent unit have the separate power sources,and the unit independent diesel engine is as the power source; but non independent turbine power output is to rely on the chassis of the car engine to drive. 

The cost about the non independent refrigeration unit is tens thousands less than independent refrigeration unit , if your budget is relatively abundant and the van temperature requires relatively low (temperature at least below -10 degrees), the independent type is a better choice. 

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