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How to Identify the Good Quality Water Truck

  • Author:Shirley Li
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-18

How to Identify the Good Quality Water Truck

Hi,my dear friends,here I would like to talk about some knowledge about our water truck.

Our water truck involves the conversion of qualified category Ⅱ chassis and is widely used in road flushing, spraying, temperature control, dedusting, road maintenance, landscaping upkeep, handy firefighting and transportation of drinking water. Main part of this truck includes host chassis, tank, water pump, ball valve and water pipe. All the parts are provided by qualified manufacturers and characterized by high performance, stable working capacity. The water truck enjoys high pressure, large flow and low fuel consumption. And in-cab music box will deliver delightful music when you are working.

The features of our water truck as follows

1).Equipped with high power self-suction water pump that characterized by high-pressure and fast speed suction.

2).Equipped with front, rear and side sprinklers and high position sprinkler, and rear working platform.

3).The water cannon which is installed on the working platform can rotate by 360 degree and the water flow can be adjusted into various rain shape. There are straight shape, heavy rain, moderate rain and drizzle etc. The max range can reach 30M.

4).Equipped with fire coupling, flow valves, filter screen and water level gauge.

5).According to customers’ request, the crane, high working platform and spraying machine also can be equipped.

6).Mainly used for washing on urban roads, watering and greening on trees, green belts and lawn and dust full of construction sites. And also used for drinking water delivery and fire fighting function etc.

The main parts of our water truck as bellow

1. Tank

Structure: Oval tank made of quality steel and divided into 2-3 compartments with hole in the lower part of the intermediary buffering plate. The buffering plate acts to reduce the oscillation of water during transportation. The tank is covered in both antirusting paint and decorative paint.

2. PTO device

Dongfeng or FAW PTO is adopted and operated pneumatically. Pull the switch backwards will engage the PTO gear into the transmission and drive the water pump through drive shaft. The water pump will stop when the switch pushed backwards.

3. Water pump 

Self-priming or oval gear water pump is adopted.

4. Ball valve

This water truck uses 2 two-way ball valve and 1 three-way ball valve. The ball valve includes valve body, seal gasket, adjusting plate, valve rod and valve handle. The valve rod will rotate the valve core to line with the water outlet when turn the handle in 45°.When the handle is turned backwards the water outlet will be blocked.

5. Spraying nozzle.

Spraying nozzles are mounted both at the front and rear of the vehicle. A working platform is mounted at the frame end of the chassis and equipped with water cannon. Eight more spray nozzles is optional at the rear part of the vehicle.

We are the professional truck supplier in China.And we are specialized in all kinds of trucks,such as water truck,fire truck,wrecker tow truck,food truck,trailer truck etc.

Welcome your visiting to our factory anytime you want. We would try our best to satisfy with your requests.