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How to maintain a refrigerated truck?

  • Author:Silvia Lee
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-21

How to maintain a refrigerated truck?

Refrigerated truck is as a special vehicle, there are somethings that must be paid attention to in order to prevent unnecessary trouble in the road, it is recommended to carry out the following inspection before transport the goods each time:

1 Refrigerated truck fuel oil or gasoline supply must be sufficient to ensure that the engine runs at least to the next checkpoint.

2.Refrigerator truck engine oil level should be on the supply (full) marker,do not have excessive gas (replaced once a year).

3.Check the coolant level gauge, see if the coolant is correct, the pointer should be in the white range. If the coolant level is in the red range, the coolant tank must be added coolant liquid. Usually the coolant is a mixture of ethylene glycol and water (depending on the actual situation of the product used), and should be not freeze even -34. Note: do not open the lid of the coolant tank when the coolant is hot.

4.Refrigerator truck battery terminal must be firm and no corrosion. The electrolyte should be at the full mark line.

5.The belt must be good and could adjust to the appropriate degree of expansion. Sag the central span of 13mm between the pulleys.

6.Electrical inspection: electrical control lines and all electrical connectors should be fixed and reliable. The wires and terminals should be no corrosion, cracking or moisture loss.

7.Visual inspection the structure of the unit to ensure there are no leakage, parts loosening or breakage and other damage.

8.The gasket unit should be firmly installed and good.

9.Refrigerator truck condenser and evaporator coil should be clean and free of dirt.

10. Check the drainage pipe and the joint to ensure that they are unblocked.

11.When loading goods ,it can not cover the evaporator air outlet, keep air circulation flow influent,and ensure that the car will not have hots

 Therefore, the scientific maintenance and maintenance is not only ensuring the integrity of the equipment, but also can reduce operating costs.

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