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Small jokes: have a fun

  • Author:Silvia Lee
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-07

1. A man’s mobile phone was stolen near the railway station , immediately he asked his one friend to send a message to his mobile phone: "elder brother, the train would leave immediately that I could not wait for you,the twenty thousand dollars I owed you put in the A19 cupboard of  the station cloakroom, and password is 7204".

Half an hour later,the fool who stealing mobile phone was caught by policeman in the front of A19 cupboard of the station cloakroom....

This story tells us a truth: as long as you are creative , there is no problem...

2.The prisoner received a letter from his wife:

“You are in jail, no one could plough our farmland,for the beaux-parents are not well and I must look after the baby...”

The prisoner replied:“Don't plough the land, the gun was buried in it...”

A month later, in his wife's reply: “There came several group policeman and did not find the gun even they were tired to look for , where did you hide the gun on earth?”

The prisoner replied:

“There are no guns at all, our lands turned up though the policemen’s help, you can do farm work now , I can’t give you more help!”

So this is the master! Where the man comes is not important, the key is to help to solve the problem.


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