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Things You Need To Know About Gaokao

  • Author:Tracy Tian
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-06-07

Things you need to know about gaokao

June 7 is a big day for people in China aiming to undertake higher education as gaokao falls that day. The exam has long been controversial for imposing uniformity in picking talents.  9.4 million applicants will attend Gaokao.

Gaokao is no ordinary test. Most Chinese students attend university through sitting Gaokao, the national college entrance examination.  Only a small number of them are enrolled by universities through independent tests.

Senior high school students study at their classroom

Eleven years ago, I had attended Gaokao. I clearly remembered before the day of Gaokao, many students felt pressure, anxious and impatience. Our teachers and schools thought a lot of ways to help us to learn how to de-stress from tension.  Adjust well the mental condition, relieve the stressful feeling and proper rest, good diet during the day of Gaokao.

Students play mahjong, poker and weiqi Learning English

During break, 12th graders play games to relax themselves

“As many of you prepare to take the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, I want to wish you, the next generation of scientific minds, success in your academic endeavors.  This culmination of your hard work marks just the beginning of your very futures.” Physicist Stephen Hawking tweeted blessing to the university entrance exam students on June 6th.

Ocean Auto company ( a professional of food truck suppliers china, china garbage truck supplier, truck crane manufacturer china etc.) hope learns younger brother adjust their attitude well, to make their 12-years study for primary light with such a test.

Tracy Tian (overseas sales manger) 

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