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Truck leaks hundreds of litres of fuel on Highway

  • Author:Tiffany sheng
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-04-12

Truck leaks hundreds of litres of fuel on Highway

Nearly 400 litres of fuel leaked from a Purolator tractor-trailer on Highway 102 near Miller Lake last Monday afternoon after a manhole cover punctured a tank on the vehicle, according to a city spokesman. 

"The manhole cover bounced up and punctured the saddle tank on the side of the truck and as a result fuel ended up coming out of that tank," said Halifax spokesman Brendan Elliot. 

The spill happened on the lane furthest from Miller Lake, so the municipality is not concerned about fuel leaking into the lake, said Elliot. 

Just before the Purolator truck passed by, firefighters also driving on the highway noticed something odd . It turned out to be a manhole with a cover missing.

The crew pulled over, and then the tractor-trailer drove by.

"The driver of the tractor-trailer didn't know that that had happened, continued on, so our fire truck had to chase him down, pull him over and let him know that there was diesel leaking from the tank," Elliot said. 

The early estimate is about 380 litres of fuel leaked. Elliot said it was contained immediately because the fire truck was already on site.

The provincial Transportation and Environment departments are on the scene now, along with firefighters. They're maintaining and containing the spill to ensure the safety of the people driving past .

Through this news, let us can't help but think, if the driver is pay more attention to the rearview mirror, maybe that can reduce the loss and damage.

 On the other hand , also shows that the thickness of the fuel truck quality is not good , our "Ocean Auto Sales Co.,Ltd " requirements about the quality of the fuel truck is very high, the thickness of the tank are at least 6 mm, adopting the combination the high quality carbon steel material stainless steel,rubber-lined ect , can be seperated into several cabins to load different oil , chemical ect. ,want to know more,  please enter here .