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What To Eat During The Hot Summer In Hubei China?

  • Author:Tracy Tian
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-06-03

What To Eat During The Hot Summer In Hubei China?


Summer is coming in China. What comes to mind when we speak of cultural from Hubei province in China during summer day?

One of China “four ovens” cities, Yellow Crane Tower, or The Yangtze Gorges?

Without a doubt, these cultural symbols are successful Hubei culture, but another form of Hubei culture widely known in the country.

Many types of local snacks, all deeply loved in Hubei, are taking over the streets.  Some were modified to suit to Chinese tastes, while others retain the traditional taste of Hubei.

What to eat during the hot summer in Hubei China?

Here are just one of them.

 Braised Prawns

In the summer season, the crayfishes are breeding very fast. It is a good news for the Hubei people who love to eat. They have many ways of cooking the prawns like steamed prawns, fried prawns, baked prawns, braised prawns and so on. The most popular way of cooking is braised prawns. If you can not eat spicy and hot food, you’d better not to try.

 Hot-and-dry Noodles

It is most popular in Hubei. The local people will eat hot and dry noodles when the have breakfast.

 Pot-stewed Fowl (Zhou Hei Ya)

If you want to sell this local food on the street, we can give you a help.  Our company is professional food truck suppliers china, snack truck, kitchen van, Peddle car, Food carts, Vending carts manufacturer in China.

Tracy Tian (overseas sales manger) 

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