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Which Kind Of Special Purpose Vehicles Can Be Used in Flood Disaster

  • Author:Tracy Tian
  • Source:www.chinatrucksupplier.com
  • Release on :2016-07-09

Which Kind Of Special Purpose Vehicles Can Be Used in Flood Disaster

A stadium turns into a "giant pool" after continuous heavy rains poured down in Wuhan on July 6, 2016

In the past days, my hometown Hubei province had been battered by torrential rains and floods.  Government ordered more troops to joint flood control.  Is really able to keep people’s lives and property safety purpose through a lot of manpower to disaster rescue?  Is there a more efficient way we can do?

There we will introduce several special purpose vehicles to you which can be used for the disaster rescue.

1.      Dump Truck

It is easy to cause dirt accumulation, clogging rivers even landslide during flood disaster.  The dump truck is suitable to transport the dirt and the trapped people in the flood.

  Dump Truck

2.      Cleaning sewage suction trucks

Due to continuous heavy rain, many cities occur waterlogging  And the poor Drainage system we have, water can not be discharged in time, this made greater damage. Cleaning sewage suction trucks is a new type of sanitation special vehicles and integration of combined high pressure cleaning vehicle and the sewage suction truck, composed of two types of chassis, power takeoff, water tank, sewage suction sewage tank, high-pressure water pump, vacuum pump, hydraulic control device, mechanical cutter pulling device, high pressure washing pipeline, vacuum suction sewage pipes, sewage system composition. High pressure pump vacuum pump imported from Italy, with the domestic well-known brand, sewage tank cover can be opened by the hydraulic tank, hydraulic lift operation, the tank dump was dumped directly through the dirt.

 Cleaning sewage suction trucks


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