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Japanese Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck Made in ChinaJapanese Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck Made in ChinaJapanese Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck Made in ChinaJapanese Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck Made in ChinaJapanese Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck Made in China

Japanese Isuzu Road Sweeper Truck Made in China

  •     1). Model name: HCQ5072TSLQL Sweeper
  •     2). Total Size (mm): 6190x1990x2590
  •     3) .Cabin fans supplied: luxurious interiors and onboard bar, air conditioning.
  •     4). Main Engine Model: 4KH1-TCG40
  •     5) Speed ​​.Sweeping (km / h): 3-20
  •     6) the ability .Sweeping (m / h): 9000-60000
  •     7) .Maximum grain size and quality (mm): 100 mm \ ± 1.5 Gongjin
  •     8) .Cleaning rate: 96%
4CBM Street sweeping truck supplier
Main Features
Total weight (kg) :7300
Drive Type :4 × 2
Weight (kg) :2150
Dimensions (mm) :6190x1990x2590
Curb Weight (KG):5020
Cab seats (MAN):2
Approach / departure angle):24/15
Suspended before / after hanging (mm):1015/1815
Number of axes :2
Wheelbase (mm):3360
Axle :2580/4720
Maximum speed (km / h):105
Chassis Specifications
Chassis model : QL1070A1HAY
Maker:Chongqing Isuzu Motors Ltd.
tire specifications :7.00 to 16
Tire No. :6  
Steel spring:8/6 +5
Front track (mm):1504
Type of fuel :diesel motor
Rear track (mm):1425
emission standards :EUR IV
transmission:5 forward speeds
Cabin: luxury inside and IINSTRUMENT bar, Air conditioning.
Main engine model :4KH1-TCG40
Engine Manufacturer :Chongqing Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Displacement (ml):  2999
Power (Kw) :88
Sweeper performance
volume of the garbage container : 4cbm
The tank volume 1.5cbm
Material bins : stainless steel
Reservoir material :stainless steel
Auxiliary models : JX493G
Deputy engine power (Kw) :57kW
Auxiliary Manufacturer : Jiangxi Province Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd., Ltd.
Maximum scan width (mm) :3200
Cleaning speed (km / h) :3-20
Cleaning power(M/ H): 9-60000
The maximum particle size and the size (mm) :100 mm \ ± 1.5 Gongjin cleaning rate :96%
Sweeper Features
1, the control box in the cab, while the Types of electrical systems for centralized control, easy to use!
2, the four scan disks and combined the working of the nozzle. According to a washing conditions the speed of the scan disk can be controlled by selecting the third speed, high, medium and Low, ensuring a good cleaning effect with a variety of Pollution situation. When obstacles, scan the drive can be a automatic avoidance protection and automatic functions Reset function and automatic removal, and automatic reset after In some of the obstacles! Can scan the disk side
3.Both A total of work, unilateral or work independently.
4. The hydraulic basic components The system uses imported!

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